General Education Courses
ED 252The Psychology of Learning3
EH 105College Writing3
EH 275Creative Writing Workshop3
EH 352Advanced Writing Internship3
HE 111The Husson Experience ***1
MS 132Probability and Statistics3
PH 110Introduction to Ethics3
PY 111General Psychology3
PY 141Human Growth and Development3
Fine Arts Elective3
Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective3
Historical Elective3
Lab Science Elective3 - 4
Literature Elective (300+)3
Math I Elective4
Sustainability Elective3
English Courses
EH 229Introduction to Poetry3
or EH 230 Introduction to the Short Story
or EH 232 Introduction to Drama
or EH 233 Introduction to the Novel
EH 234American Literature I3
or EH 235 American Literature II
EH 241British Literature I3
or EH 242 British Literature II
EH 251World Literature I3
or EH 252 World Literature II
English Elective6
Education Courses
ED 201
ED 203
Phil Foundations of Education
and Clinical Experience
ED 204Classroom Management ^3
ED 233Curriculum & Instruction3
ED 307Technology in Education3
ED 310Educational Practicum I ^1
ED 314Assessment Practices3
ED 319Methods in Secondary English ^^^3
ED 320Education Practicum II ^^1
ED 321Educating Exceptional Students3
ED 324Young Adult Literature3
ED 354Diversity and Multiculturalism in Education3
ED 404Methods in Reading ^^3
ED 430Educational Practicum III ^^^1
ED 450Student Teaching/Seminar in Teaching15
Open Elective9
Total Hours122-123

Suggested Course Sequence

First Year
ED 201
ED 203
3ED 2333
EH 105 or PH 1103MS 1323
HE 111***1PH 110 or EH 1053
PY 1113PY 1413
Math I Elective4Lab Science Elective3 - 4
 14 15-16
Second Year
ED 204
ED 310
4ED 2523
ED 3143ED 3213
EH 234 or 2353ED 3243
EH 241 or 2423EH 251 or 2523
Open Elective3Historical Elective3
 Open Elective3
 16 18
Third Year
ED 404
ED 320
4ED 3073
EH 229, 230, 232, or 2333ED 3543
English Elective3EH 2753
Fine Arts Elective3English Elective3
 Sustainability Elective3
 13 15
Fourth Year
ED 319
ED 430
4ED 45015
EH 3523 
Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective3 
Literature Elective (300+)3 
Open Elective3 
 16 15
Total Hours: 122-123

Credit may not be required for degree completion. 


 ^ Practicum I taken with ED 204


 ^^ Practicum II taken with ED 404


 Practicum III taken with ED 319